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The two cousins Michael Peterka, Managing Director of ALPHADISPLAY and Dr. Harald Peterka, Managing Director of GREENBIRD, decided to work together as a family and entrepreneurs at the outbreak of COVID19. The concept of developing a store counting mechanism with the benefits of a customer information system developed quickly, with the Countbird App becoming the core of the solution. The digital signage solutions from ALPHADISPLAY and the sensor systems from GREENBIRD combine perfectly, resulting in the joint business ALPHABIRD GmbH being founded in the middle of the pandemic.

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Alphadisplay GmbH was founded by Michael Peterka and Harald Gross-Redmann in 2014. The company specialises in digital signage solutions and develops LCD displays in a variety of forms. The flagship product from Alphadisplay is the portrait oriented D-STAND, which is now recognised & sold throughout Europe and the USA, quickly recognising Alphadisplay as a significant contributor in the digital signage market. Alphadisplay have recently founded a joint Hongkong Company following successful cooperation with their Chinese manufacturing partner & are continue to expand with the creation of a London based division, to serve the UK & northern European territories. References such as Austrian Post, Media Markt, Nespresso, Austrian Railways, T-Mobile, are just a sample from our reference list. We are particularly proud of the close cooperation with system integrators, shop-fitters and digital signage CMS suppliers, who have become increasingly more reliant on our knowledge & expertise in this field.


The idea behind the company GREENBIRD is the integration of state-of-the-art smart building technology into facility processes. We make use of the cause-eect principle and use our technology to make the causes measurable. The main focus of Greenbird is with the optimization and digitization of facility management processes. Harald Peterka is Managing Director and Head of the company and has been working in the field of Facility Management for 25 years. He has many years of experience as an internal facility manager of large organisations. He also achieved great success as an entrepreneur and provider of facility services. Greenbird continues to focus on the development of products to ensure that facility services optimally support the respective core business processes and that the services are adapted to the actual needs. We deal with the latest technologies and integrate them into classic facility service processes with the aim of being able to control performance quality according to demand and as economically as possible.