Digital access control

Plug & Play signal solutions for
store access management

The Sensor System

Plug & Play in 5 Minutes

The wireless and battery-powered sensor units detect your customers’ movement as they enter and exit your business space. Even stores with multiple entrances & exits can be monitored by using additional sensor units. Each sensor set has a range of up to 6 meters. The battery charge status of each sensor is monitored by the Countbird App. Under normal operating conditions, the typical battery life is expected to be no less than 6 months for each set used. Each sensor kit requires 4 x standard AA batteries in total (2 x batteries in each sensor). Replacement of the batteries is a quick & easy process without requiring any specialist tools.

The supplied gateway can be operated either by LAN or 3G/4G.

Countbird Sensor System
Gateway with 3G/4G and sensors
Gateway with LAN & sensors

The Countbird App

for Android and iOS

After downloading the Countbird App and simply assigning the sensors, the number of people allowed into the store can be set.

Countbird Logo
Countbird App displays green

The live output displayed on the screen, uses the familiar traffic light system. If the number of people is below the defined value, the Countbird App shows green.

If the specified pre-warning level is reached, the system displays in yellow.

Countbird App displays yellow
Countbird App displays red

When the maximum value is reached, the system displays in red. When customers next leave the store, the Countbird App display will revert to yellow or green accordingly.

Google play app download
Apple app strore download

The Countbird App

Screen Design

There are currently three standard designs to choose from within the Countbird App. In addition to this, the store branding or logo can be placed strategically in the screen design. On request, the screen design can be adapted to suit your corporate identity.

Countbird App Screen Design
Countbird App Screen Design
Countbird App Screen Design
Countbird APP Screen Design
Countbird APP Screen Design
Countbird APP Screen Design
Countbird App Screen Design
Countbird App Screen Design
Countbird APP Screen Design

All designs are optimized for both landscape and portrait display orientations.

Countbird App Screen Design, portrait

Digital Signage

Digital Advertising Display

Digital Signage

Throughout the following pages, you will find our recommendations for the various combinations of Digital Signage Display solutions. The main function of these combined solutions is to work automatically without the need for ‘human-interaction’, reducing significant labour requirements & personnel costs.

The Countbird App can also be displayed on the full screen available.

The LCD displays can also be used to combine live information from the Countbird App, in addition to the feed from a Content Management System (CMS). This results in simultaneously displaying the current store count, while also playing advertisements or store information.

The content can consist as a combination of images and video, which is played on an infinite loop until the content is scheduled to change within the CMS. The CMS content is distributed via the Internet and can be tailored nationally or to suit individual campaigns at different stores/regions and even on an hourly or timed basis.

Digital Signage mit Werbung

Give your customers the safety and security they desire, while increasing revenue & profits from targeted campaigns.

Digital Signage

Das patentierte Leichtgewicht
mit starken Referenzen


D-STAND Indoor

This sleek and portable LCD display does not require installation.
Simply fold out the rear foot assembly, connect to power (or optional battery), connect to the WI-FI and your professional digital signage solution will be ready to go.
The combination of dynamic & static images can significantly increase sales.

Size: 32“ or 43“ Inch
Brightness: 350 nit
Player: Android WI-FI/LAN/optional 4G
Colours: Black/White

D-STAND Semi Outdoor

The Semi Outdoor solution is almost indistinguishable from the indoor device.
The display can also be used outdoors in cases such as rain or snowfall and is IP65 certified (power supply must be indoors).
It has a bright display, protected by glass and is easy to read outdoors.

Size: 43“ Inch
Brightness: 1000 nit
Player: Android WI-FI/LAN/optional 4G
Colours: White

Stand Mounted Displays

for eye level viewing

Disinfection with touch display

Disinfection with touch display

Display for either mounting permanently on a wall or a stand. The system includes a non-contact disinfectant dispenser.
Water-resistant capacitive touch display including Android Player with Wireless connectivity.

Android monitor display

Android monitor display

21.5” Inch monitor with Android operating system mounted on aluminium profile tube and metal base plate including touch display, Android player with Wireless connectivity.

Counter Display

Tablet (with/without touch capability)

Digital info stand

Digital info stand

This lightweight and mobile display, with its 15.6” LCD screen, is ideal for use against the Coronavirus.
The stand has endless applications and is available with or without touch display.
The unit is wireless, powered by battery, is highly mobile and can be placed strategically anywhere within the store.

Tablet with touch display

Tablet with touch display

Cost effective tablet with Android operating system in different versions.

Configuration Examples

Example 1

Countbird App for a mobile device & sensor kit
for 1 x entrance/exit door

Example 2

Countbird App for a mobile device & sensor kits
for 2 x entrance/exit doors

Example 3

Countbird App for several mobile devices with linked output display & sensor kit for
1 x entrance/exit door

Example 4

Countbird App for multiple mobile devices with linked output display & sensor kit for
3 x entrance/exit doors

Example 5

Countbird App for a D-Stand Digital Display & sensor kit for
1 x entrance/exit door

Example 6

Various other combinations of solutions are possible